Can I play with you?
If I'm playing games on public lobbies/servers feel free to join me!
But I generally don't team up with viewers unless otherwise advertised
Do you take character/class requests?
Usually yes
What is this "floof" thing?
Floof is the name of my channel points, you earn floof just by watching the stream
You can use your floof for viewer Rewards on Twitch
Can I join your voicechat?
Stream VC is only for people who I trust and who are actually playing with me on stream
Do you take song requests?
Only for songs in the stream playlist
But I don't like the music from your playlist!
Can I add you on Discord?
You can join my Discord server
But I don't accept friend request from people I don't know
Can I add you on Steam/uPlay/Epic/etc?
If I don't know you the answer to that will usually be no
Will you stream a game if I buy it for you?
I already have a bunch of games I like to play regularly and a backlog of games I want to play,
so I can't promise I'll stream any games I get as gifts
I definitely appreciate it if you do want to give me a game just out of generosity, tho